PINND – CS2 pedals

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Designed and precision engineered in Scotland to withstand the toughest trails and conditions.

Featuring oil sealed internals, our bearings run on grade 5 titanium spindles inside anodised 7075 T6 platforms.

- 1 x Needle Bearing and 2 x Cartridge Bearings per pedal

- 420g per pair with stock 303 Stainless Steel pins

- 13 pins per side for personal customisation

- 5 year warranty (doesn't cover wear and tear)

The CS2 pedal is designed for downhill, enduro and trail mountain bike riding and offers a large contact platform with a 9mm concave profile and fully adjustable pin set. Pedals are shipped with 18 pins installed allowing you to customise with an additional 8 provided. The 7075 T6 aluminium body has been CNC machined on our 5-axis tooling allowing us to fully optimise the pedal for a high traction connection between pedal and shoe.

Internally the pedal features oil sealed bearings to give exceptional all weather performance and long service intervals. The design incorporates an oil seal which keeps oil in, and water and dirt out. With our use of a needle bearing instead of plastic bush, the CS2 won't exhibit the axial play common to most designs. When this play develops the seal becomes compromised and unable to seal resulting in water and dirt ingress and lubrication egress - our solution is 2 fold. Quality oil seal and quality needle bearing.

Technische Daten

  • Pedalgewicht (Paar): 420g
  • Grösse: 105 x 105 x 17mm
  • Konkavität: 2mm
  • Gehäusematerial: Magnesium / CNC bearbeitet
  • Achse: 6061 Alu CNC bearbeitet
  • Pedallager: gedichtete Lager / DU-Buchsen
  • Pin: 10 austauschbaren Pins
Pins 26 Per Pedal. Ships with 303 Stainless Steel as standard.
Body Material 7075 T6 Anodised Aluminium
Spindle Grade 5 Titanium
Inner Bearing HK1015 Needle Bearing
Outer Bearing 2 x Cartridge Bearings
Max Rider Weight No limit
Foot Print 110 x 105mm
Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty - half price crash replacement
Weight (pair) 420g with Stainless Steel Pins (395g Ti Pins/385g AL Pins)


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