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Loose Riders Knieschoner - C/S

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Loose Riders C/S Kneeguard

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Downhill, freeride, enduro, trail, and dirt. The C/S kneepad is multi-purpose. Burly enough to take big hits, light and comfortable for all-day epics. Our custom ergonomic fit, heat-molded unibody construction and silicone grip make the C/S kneepad stay in place no matter what.

Snug! The sizes in the chart are the circumference, the pads stretch when used and the circumference number should be taken as the minimum recommended size. We recommend and tight fit, nothing is worse than a kneepad sliding off while crashing.

German-based SAS-TEC is widely regarded as the authority and market leader in the field of body protection.
Using viscoelastic foam with memory effect, SAS-TEC PU-foam is multi-impact compliant and its cell structure keeps water from entering the material.
The high flexibility of SAS-TEC foam ensures outstanding comfort. Originally used in motorsports, from safety to comfort, the properties of SAS-TEC are the perfect combination for mountain bike protection of the highest level.


Technische Daten

  • 360 ̊ silicone grip print
  • TPR pull straps
  • Heat-molded unibody construction d. Custom heat-molded EVA pads
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Airprene neoprene main body
  • SAS-Tec foam
  • Ride position ergonomic fit
  • Neoprene 35%
  • PU 28%
  • Polyester 15%
  • Nylon 8%
  • EVA 5%
  • Rubber 4%
  • Silicone 3%


          Size in cm Bottom Top
          S 32+ cm 39 + cm
          M 35+ cm 41+ cm
          L 37+ cm 44+ cm
          XL 39+ cm 46+ cm



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