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Muc-Off "Miracle Shine" polish

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Paints treated with “Miracle Shine” have a long-lasting shine. The polish coats the paint with a protective carnauba wax film that protects against scratches and road salt.

The ultimate polish!

Let's not talk about the bush. Are you looking for a high-quality polishing and protective agent that provides a deep and luxurious shine for your bike / motorcycle / car?

Then you have just found the product for this job with Muc-Off's Miracle Shine.

In addition to amazing results, Miracle Shine also gives you comprehensive, microscopic deep protection for the treated area against external influences thanks to its fluoro polymer technology!

Muc-Off’s high-quality polish contains carnauba wax and other highly developed components so that your paintwork is treated with love and respect.

So, if you want to give your paintwork a new shine or just treat it well, let water roll off and make your next cleaning easier, then Muc-Off Miracle Shine is exactly the right product for you!

Instructions for use:

Step 1 - Thoroughly clean and dry surfaces before use. Shake the can vigorously and put a small amount of Miracle Shine on a microfiber cloth and rub on the surface.

step 2 - Wait about 30 to 45 seconds or until the polish has dried before gently polishing the surface.
Do not allow the polish to dry in direct sunlight.

step 3 - a multiple coating can be applied for increased protection and shine. Wait 24 hours before you apply the next layer.

  • Specifications:

    • Removes and fills in small scratches
    • Fluoro polymer technology creates a microscopic protective layer
    • Water and dirt repellent
    • Protects against road salt
    • Shortens future cleaning and maintenance
    • Silicone oils enable easy application and an incredible deep shine
    • Leaves no powdery white residue
    • Safe to use on painted surfaces, clear lacquer, carbon, chrome parts, metal and plastic parts

  • Scope of delivery:
    • 1 x Muc Off Miracle Shine (500ml)

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