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Muc-Off bicycle cleaner

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Just spray it on and it will immediately start cleaning your dirty, muddy bike. The Muc-Off bicycle cleaner is based on the latest nano-technology, which dissolves dirt faster and more effectively than conventional cleaning agents. It works without the addition of nasty, aggressive chemicals and leaves your bike clean, shiny and ready for the next use.

It is biodegradable and can therefore be used in the garden or on the go without worry.

It loosens dirt, sand, mud, insects, oil and fat deposits and leaves a sparkling clean bike. It is biodegradable, alkaline and solvent-free.

Stay Clean and Green!
Applicable to:
Frames, forks, headsets, dampers, handlebars, handles, saddles, motors, bearings, displays, aluminum, anodized metal, paint, chrome, carbon, steel, rims, wheels, spokes, hubs, disc brakes, rear derailleurs, chain rings, plastic components, stickers and Rubber parts.
Specially developed for use on disc brakes, on anodized materials and painted surfaces.

Spray the bike with clear water, spray Muc-Off bike cleaner on the entire bike and let it work for 3-5 minutes. Remove stubborn dirt with a brush and then rinse off with clean water.

Safe on all parts and surfaces, including carbon parts


  • Does not attack seals, cables, brake pads or rotors
  • Effective racing bike & mountain bike cleaner
  • Safe on anodized metal
  • Alkali-based and free from CFCs, solvents or acids
  • The Nano Tech formula cleanses on a molecular level
  • Biodegradable

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Muc-Off bicycle cleaner according to selection

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