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Muc-Off "Fabric Protector" impregnation spray

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Renew the impregnation of your outdoor clothing and protect it against water, stains and dirt with Muc-Off’s "Fabric Protect"!

Do you have to re-impregnate your outdoor clothing because it has lost functionality? No fear! Our Nano-Fabric-Protect technology will quickly and safely restore the water-repellent function, so that you are protected against water and dirt! As simple as that!

After applying “Fabric Protect” to the surface of the desired garment, it is protected against liquids such as water, ketchup, honey, ice, syrup, eggs, oil and dirt!

Muc-Off’s "Fabric Protect" places an invisible, hydrophobic impregnation layer on all materials and their surfaces! Including leather, suede, cotton, polyester and breathable fabrics!

Instructions for use:

1. Shake the Fabric Protect can vigorously before use.
2. Use only in very well ventilated rooms or outside!
3. Spray only for a few seconds at a time; Make sure that you spray all areas to be impregnated evenly.
4. Then let the surface dry for 10 minutes in a very well-ventilated room.
5. Repeat step 4 until you have applied three layers.
6. Let the surface dry for 24 hours for maximum effect.

  • Specifications:
    • Colorless
    • 100% hydrophobic water repellency against oil and stains
    • Safe on breathable fabrics - no effect on flexibility or breathability
    • Also suitable for umbrellas, rucksacks, sportswear, anoraks and much more
    • Use outdoors only

     Scope of delivery:
    •  1 x Muc Off Fabric Protector

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