Super alloy racing


In 2017, SAR and Eibach produced the new generation of springs using the latest production techniques in order to develop the most groundbreaking, innovative and exciting springs that have ever existed. After months of design, the goal of Super Alloy Racing and Eibach was achieved. This has resulted in springs that are more linear, allow for greater deflection, are non-blocking, and have a more refined winding technique during manufacture, bringing this new spring series one step closer to perfection. 

With over 65 years of experience in manufacturing industry-leading automotive and industrial springs, Eibach has used the same construction techniques and high-strength materials found in high-end motorsport applications such as Formula 1. In particular, the coating is only 10 micrometers thick and thus achieves maximum weight savings. With the finest steel that German plants have developed especially for them, Eibach can produce the most durable springs in the world.

All Super Alloy Racing springs manufactured by Eibach can be fully compressed and still return to their original free length, so that drivers and mechanics do not have to worry about overuse and permanent damage to the springs. The new 3rd generation SAR DH springs are lighter, better and allow you to ride faster than ever before.

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